Miang Besar Coal Terminal


Mission Statement: To become the world’s largest and most efficient coal terminal in order to provide support for Indonesia’s expanding coal export industry. 


Business Philosophy: Provide local employment and training to support the goals of the Regency, establish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), while providing substantial returns to shareholders.




PT. Miang Besar Coal Terminal (MBCT) will develop, own and operate a multi-user public coal terminal with the cooperation of the East Kutai Regency to serve the coal mines in the East Kutai Regency and other areas of Kalimantan.


The island of Miang Besar is situated 4.5 Km from the mainland, and the port is well situated to service the needs of the East Kalimantan coal community. Miang Besar is an excellent location for the terminal as there are 35 metres of water at the proposed berth which is just 450 metres offshore. The approach and departure channel at the Port is very safe with water depths in excess of 35 metres.


Miang Besar Coal Terminal (MBCT) ship-loading facilities will be designed to accommodate bulk carriers up to 400,000 deadweight tonnes (Valemax), barge unloading, rail, truck and conveyor receiving facilities, and stockpile facilities capable of storing up to 7.2 million tonnes of product. MBCT will have a staged shipping capacity of 40-80-120-160 million tonnes per annum.


MBCT is expected to be in operation by late 2014.  The port is expected to greatly improve the logistical situation in East Kalimantan with a major increase in the region’s ability to rapidly export coal, and we believe that there will be cost savings for mine owners and a reduction in the capital expense required for mine expansions, and efficiency improvements.




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The Federal Port Authority has designated the area surrounding MBCT as the Kawasan Industri Pelabuhan International Maloy (Maloy International Industrial Port Area), KIPI Maloy.  MBCT is the designated coal port in the KIPI Maloy, which is proposed by the Government to be a new industrial zone in East Kalimantan focused on the development of the northern portion of East Kalimantan. This includes the Maloy Port, MBCT and a container, palm oil, industrial port at Teluk Golok.